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How I got started...

Growing up on a dairy farm in north central Pennsylvania, one of my earliest memories is building myself a small wagon out of scraps of oriented strand board (OSB or chipboard), then painting it light blue, (because that was the paint leftover from the trim from the enclosed porch) and adding tires from an old lawn mower. Several wagons and bookcases later, I went on to build my first desk from a sheet of plywood that my Uncle Jimmy gave me and some scraps of wood I found in my parents barn. Once in high school (in Troy, PA in case you are curious), I signed up for Industrial Arts classes with Mr. Leonard who introduced me to the wonders of power tools. With years of using hand tools, and new found world of power tools, it was in high school that my skills really began to take shape. While in high school, I entered two turned lamps in the 4-H woodworking judging at the Troy Fair, which earned first place in the 4-H woodworking judging at the Troy Fair. After high school I took a break from woodworking to pursue an engineering degree at Clarkson University, in way upstate New York. After four years of school, I landed a job as a mechanical engineer in Connecticut. For the first few years I was eager to get settled and to finally start a workshop. During that time I helped people with their home projects, since it kept my skills fresh, and it was something I enjoyed then, as I do now. After a few years working and saving I finally secured a location and had the time to build my workshop and get back into woodworking again. Many of the items on this site were made while I lived in Connecticut. In 2005 life took me in a new direction and has relocated me to my home state of Pennsylvania, where I currently reside. I have a new larger workshop and have been making things when I can manage to. I try to keep things up-to-date so people can take a peak at what's in the shop, however It's not always that current. I also don't like to show some things that are in the works, because I occasionally make gifts for people, and don't want to ruin the surprise.

The skills I have in woodworking are mostly self-taught from reading books and magazines. I also study furniture I see in furniture and antique stores (I don't recommend visiting one of those places with me, it can be time consuming). There was also major contribution from Mr. Leonard in high school.

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